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The Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program

Discover the benefits of healthcare mystery shopping to make your assisted living facility's census and customer service better than ever! Enjoy stronger relationships with your residents and families because your staff is more responsive to the needs of those you serve, plus have fewer empty beds because staff is more attentive to the importance of a steady stream of new residents coming through your doors.

You're no doubt familiar with mystery shopping as it relates to restaurants and retail stores in order to determine staffs' level of efficiency and service with the public.  Now Extended Care Products, Inc. brings personal one-on-one mystery shoppers, specifically trained in the field of long-term care, to your facility! 

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The Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program features in-person mystery shopper visits to your assisted living community, plus telephone mystery shops to your healthcare center.

The program consists of two in-person mystery shops and two telephone mystery shops (done in alternating months and done on weekdays and some weekends) by a trained mystery shopper who is well versed in the assisted living environments. Our shoppers are armed with just the right questions to ask to get the answers you need to make certain staff's performing at the high level you need and expect.

An exclusive and detailed mystery shopper report is then written up and delivered to your e-mail in box for your review.  In addition, as part of the Extended Care Products Mystery Shopper program, Customer Service and Marketing/Census Building expert Chip Kessler provides his in-depth analysis in a separate second report along with his recommendations for improvement. Plus Chip will then follow up with a telephone call to you to personally review these reports each month.

The Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program is a must for any assisted living community wishing to stay on top of staff performance. As you know, it's vitally important for every staff member to be at his or her best when dealing with residents and families. Plus you must make sure every potential new resident and family who visits or telephones your building looking for more information on your care and services get the information they need to hopefully select your facility. The Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program was in development and tested for eight months to guarantee it provided the results you expect, and it's now here!  Plus the program is offered at a very affordable investment. Again you receive:

  • Two in-person mystery shops with a highly trained healthcare mystery shopper (a total value of $477.00)
  • One telephone mystery shop with a highly trained mystery shopper (a total value of ($117.00)
  • A detailed report of the respective mystery shop e-mailed to you (included with the above total values)
  • Chip Kessler's pinpoint analysis the mystery shopping report, complete with his recommendations for improvements on staff performance (a $99.00 value)
  • Chip Kessler's monthly personal telephone call to discuss these findings (a $99.00 value)

The total combined value of all of the above is $792.00 however for a limited time you may get The Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program at special 33% off savings for two easy payments of $264.00, plus save an additional $30.00 and make a one-time investment of $498.00. 

"I can't say enough about the value your mystery shopper program has brought to our facility. I was skeptical at the beginning however after the very first mystery shop and what your report said we needed to work on, which we did with our staff, the improvement was noticeably better. I can't imagine any facility's customer service and census building efforts not becoming stronger by utilizing your mystery shopping service."
Linda Duvall, Administrator, The Willows at Meadow Branch, Winchester, VA

As well, if you are an assisted living management company or ownership group with three or more facilities in your organization, please call toll-free at 1-800-807-4553 to inquire about additional discounted savings on the Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program for your buildings.

When all is said and done, it is you and your staff's interaction with residents, families and potential new residents and families that determines how successful your facility is now and in the future!  Are you meeting the needs of those you serve on a daily basis so that your customer service is second to none?  Are you making the case with families and residents looking for a caregiving solution that your building is their best option?  It's one thing to want to do these things and another to make sure these goals are getting accomplished.  Let the Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program be your eyes and ears to insure your facility's successful future!

The Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program is automatically renewed every three months unless you tell us otherwise. Your discounted investment as outlined above will not increase as you'll be locked in at these special rates, even if the price is raised in the future.



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