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Making Friends With Your Local Media

New From Extended Care Products, Inc. for assisted living professionals! Studies show that next to dying, people's second biggest fear is speaking in public. Now imagine if you're having to do this with a microphone being shoved in your face, maybe a television camera pointing straight at you, or a reporter looking you in the eye and taking down every word you're saying in their notebook. Talk about sweaty palms and a lump in your throat!

But it doesn't have to be this way, especially for the professional in long-term care whether you're an executive, administrator, director of nursing, social services director or social worker, or an admissions coordinator. There are certain time tested tips and techniques that will make even the shakiest of speakers sound like you've been talking to the media all of your life … and you'll find them here in the audio CD and workbook program, Making Friends With Your Local Media.

Join 21-year veteran of radio, television and newspapers Chip Kessler as he guides you through the rough waters of working with members of your local media. Chip starts you on your way to smooth sailing with his presentation, "How The Media Works." You'll learn:

  • How to Relax Around Your Local Reporters
  • What Makes Reporter's Tick, and How You Can Use This to Your Advantage
  • Why it's Important For You and Your Facility to Be Portrayed in Newspapers, Radio and Television in a Positive Way
  • The Benefits of Have Great Media Relationships
  • And much more

Up next is marketing and public relations expert Leslie Grace and her presentation, "Making The Most of Your Media Opportunities." Leslie has many years of experience working in her field, many of which have been spent specifically helping assisted communities, just like yours! Thus you get the best of both worlds: someone with a vast range of marketing and even better a person who knows how to apply it to the field of long-term care. Leslie tells you:

  • What to look for and even create the kinds of stories reporters will want to write about in the newspaper, and talk about on television and on the radio
  • The proper steps and how to approach your local media members
  • How to get reporters calling you again and again to do positive stories about your facility
  • Why the words "No Comment" should never be said to a reporter
  • How to position yourself so you become a "healthcare expert" in your field of long-term care … and why this is a great benefit
  • How positive publicity brings new residents and families into your building
  • And much more

Next you'll hear from veteran healthcare and business reporter Sharon Hayes. Sharon's the exact type of newspaper reporter you'll meet while doing your job. She's an everyday working reporter that specializes in healthcare related news stories, so you'll want to pay close attention to her presentation:

  • What you can do to make reporters find your facility interesting
  • The steps you can take to make your building stand-out from the other facilities in your region, and thus attractive to reporters
  • How reporters view people that work in assisted living facilities
  • Why it's wise from a reporter's point-of-view that he or she knows you, and how it can work in your favor
  • And much more

Audio CD #4 features assisted living defense attorney Robin Khanal. He works with the nationally respected law firm of Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer and offers this timely information:

  • Why in general does the media have an unfavorable opinion of assisted living facilities, and those that work in them
  • Why having positive stories in your local media can prevent your facility from being sued
  • What can happen to facilities that receive negative publicity
  • And much more

Making Friends With Your Local Media is ideal for anyone in the assisted living profession who wants to improve their skills with reporters, and their people skills in general. Best of all, the works been done for you. All you have to do is listen whenever and wherever you want. This four-Audio CD package normally retails for $199.95, but due to special pricing is yours for $139.95, a savings of 33% … plus we'll pay your shipping and handling costs, a $20.00 value but yours free.

How much is it worth to you to feel confident and secure when you're speaking with reporters from your local media outlets? Plus be able to approach these people with the kinds of story ideas the public wants to see, hear and read! Learn from some of the best pros in the business how to stand there among the people with the microphones, television cameras and notepads. Let the Making Friends With Your Local Media Audio CD program make you a more self-assured and poised long-term care professional.



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