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The Secrets of the Inner Sanctum DVD Series
"Inside The Mind of Lawyers Wanting to Sue Your Facility"

Your Problem: Plaintiff lawyers are still looking for any and every means to sue your nursing or assisted living facility. They run advertisements on television, full page color ads on the back cover of the telephone directory, and have those giant billboards on the highway enticing the well meaning family members of your residents to come in "if you have a loved one in a healthcare facility" FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.

Your Solution: Discover the secrets of what makes these lawyers tick and how they are so successful at what they do - find out the strategies and techniques they use to lure families into filing lawsuits for hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars against buildings like yours. With this knowledge you can beat these lawyers at their own game, and stop potential litigation dead in its tracks!

Welcome to "The Secrets of the Inner Sanctum!"

This three-part DVD Series brings together two of our nation's leading assisted living and nursing facility defense attorneys Laura S. Woods and Donald L. Miller II along with America's leading healthcare communications strategist Chip Kessler in this discovery session packed with the kind of insider information that plaintiff' lawyers salivating to sue your facility don't want you to have.

In this DVD series you'll receive:

Donald L. Miller
Probing the Inner Mind of Plaintiff's Lawyers Wishing to Sue Your Facility - We can't be any more specific than this! Join Nursing and Assisted Living Facility defense attorney Donald L. Miller II in conversation with Chip Kessler as Mr. Miller lays it all out in plain talk designed to give you exclusive access into how plaintiff lawyers get families to turn against you.

Here you'll discover:
  • Character Traits of Plaintiff Lawyers
  • How Exactly These Lawyers Go About Luring Families to Visit Them
  • What Things You and Your Fellow Staff Members Have and Haven't Done That Get Plaintiff Lawyers Excited to Sue You (This is Must Viewing)
  • Specific Items You and Fellow Staff Members Can Start Doing Today to Block Potential Lawsuits (Another Must Viewing Segment)
  • And Much More


There has never been a DVD program like this made available to the assisted living and nursing facility profession. After watching, you'll feel as if you just attended a seminar in "How to Sue Caregiving Facilities" … only you weren't there to discover how to sue facilities but how to keep these lawyers away from your door!

Laura S. Woods

Next up is defense attorney Laura S. Woods teaming up with Don Miller for a candid discovery session on DVD entitled: How to Protect Your Building Against Plaintiff Lawyers Successful Techniques and Strategies.  Here, Ms. Woods and Mr. Miller role play with Chip Kessler various scenarios that cause families to visit plaintiff lawyers who are only too willing to sue you. Discover:

  • How Plaintiff Lawyers Capitalize (and further motivate) Families Upset About Something Facility Staff Did or Didn't Do for Their Loved One, and Use This Anger as The Seed for Litigation
  • Why Plaintiff Lawyers Want You to Believe That No Matter What You do for Your Residents, You're Likely to Still Get Sued
  • The Tactics Plaintiff Lawyers Use to Portray Those of You Working in our Nation's Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities as Heartless and Uncaring About Your Residents and Families (and use this false portrayal to motivate families to allow these lawyers to sue you … More Must Viewing)
  • And Much More


After viewing this entire presentation you'll feel as if you're a Plaintiff Lawyer yourself- though you may recoil at the thought!

Chip Kessler

We wrap everything up with Chip Kessler's DVD "The Winner's Edge."  Within this presentation you are given details about a very powerful secret and tool that if properly used strikes fear into the heart of lawyers wanting to file litigation against you.  Watch closer as Chip not only explains this "Plaintiff Lawyer-Lawsuit Busting tool" but how to put it in play with your families to give them a better understanding of your care and services so that you win them over to your side … and keep them away from lawyers whose only goal is to file as many lawsuits as possible, no matter what!

The Secrets of the Inner Sanctum program, featuring three DVDs is yours at $299.97 however for a very limited time we're giving you a special 33% discounted investment at $199.97. Plus when you request the Secrets of the Inner Sanctum DVD Series, you'll receive three free bonus gifts:

Free Bonus Gift #1: we'll pay your shipping and handling expenses, a savings of $25.00

Free Bonus Gift #2: the DVD program "Earning Your ‘A' for Action."  Let's face it, nursing and assisted living facilities often face crisis situations. It may be a fire, a weather related disaster, or an alleged incident involving a resident and/or staff member. How you handle the crisis both internally with staff, residents and families as well as externally with the general public, local media, even local and state officials can either make or break your building. Demonstrate you're on top of things and your facility can come out the stronger for it; display fear or incompetence and watch your reputation crumble along with your census and potentially your license to operate. Chip Kessler gives you proven and successful strategies to make sure you and your facility show expert ability to deal with any crisis management/communications issue in a professional, competent manner. This program is a $99.95 value and is yours with our compliments.

Free Bonus Gift #3: earlier we referenced a very powerful lawsuit busting tool that Chip Kessler talks about in his DVD program in this series. Well, we're going to give you a copy of this tool as a free bonus! What is its value? We'll leave it up to you to determine however if it just prevents one lawsuit from being field against your facility, it can potentially save you thousands if not millions of dollars in a settlement or a judgment, so it's value can't be measured in specific terms. However if you wanted to just order a copy of what we're going to give you here, one of them with shipping is at $97.90.

All told you'll receive $222.85 in free bonus gifts, which exceeds your investment in The Secrets of the Inner Sanctum DVD Series.

The choice is yours: keep laying down to lawyers who want to sue your facility for every dollar they can get out of you, or rise up and put this powerful DVD series to work for you, discover the tricks of the trade these lawyers are using against you at this very moment, and beat them at their own game!



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