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The Expectations Management
Assisted Living Admissions Agreement Package

Developed exclusively for Extended Care Products' by Assisted Living Defense Attorneys and designed to meet the challenges facilities are facing in this time of increased lawsuits. Written in easy-to-understand language for families, this cutting-edge package offers several outstanding risk management features to help you potentially avoid future litigation. In addition, this package helps insure that your facility has important signed documentation from families and responsible parties during the critical admissions process.

You receive the following items both on disk and hard copy, and the copyright-free license to use:

  • Sample Assisted Living Admissions Agreement - this 12 page document covers important admissions topics and is broken down into the following sections: Who Must Sign the Agreement Responsible Party's Personal Obligations Nondiscrimination Services Ancillary Supplies and Services Medicare/Medicaid Programs Managed Care Organizations Financial Arrangements Resident Personal Funds Refusal of Services Resident Rights Chemical/Physical Restraints and Protective Devices Personal Property Mail Use of Resident's Photograph & Audio/Visual and/or Audio Recordings for Identification, Security, and/or Other Health Care Purposes Release for Publication of Photographs, Visual and/or Audio Recordings & Other Representations Resident's Records The Resident's Duties Transfers & Discharges Re-Admission - Bed Hold Policy Visitors, Companions, Sitters & Private Duty Nurses Enforcement.
  • Expectations Check List- This comprehensive manuscript serves as your facility's guide to so that certain vital information has been discussed with family members/responsible parties and then becomes part of your permanent records. No longer will you have to worry if certain critical areas and subjects regarding life in an assisted living facility have been addressed and understood with those admitting a resident into your care. An excellent family communication tool!
  • What is Binding Arbitration- This form helps you introduce and explain in plain talk what the arbitration process is, and how it can best serve as an alternative to court. Here, the assisted living facility is able to protect itself from the potential of a costly court case, and shows families/responsible parties your desire to work with them in order to resolve any disputes and issues in a manor that is fair to both parties.
  • Agreement to Resolve Disputes by Binding Arbitration- The companion to the above information this six-page document enables both families/responsible parties and the facility to enter into utilizing an impartial, professional arbitrator rather than a judge and jury to resolve any disputes. The document outlines the following: Areas for arbitration The Binding Nature of Arbitration The Procedure Used to Select an Impartial Arbitrator Costs of Arbitration How to Request Arbitration Rules Governing Arbitration Laws Governing Arbitration Confidentiality Enforcement Right of Withdrawal.

Plus as part of this package you also receive the DVD program: "Why Expectations Management with Residents and Families Benefits Your Assisted Living Facility." Join nationally known assisted living defense attorney Rebecca Adelman as she presents tips and strategies to prevent potential litigation from striking your building. In this interview you'll discover:

  • Why assisted living communities that don't have a sound expectations management program in place with new admitting residents and families run a much greater risk of being sued
  • How the arbitration process can be a real asset to your building
  • The myth of tort reform preventing litigation against assisted living facilities
  • What every assisted living community must do to properly educate new admissions about the care and services provided (and not provided)
  • And much more

In fact, please click below to watch some sample footage of Ms. Adelman's presentation:

Alone this DVD program, for its wealth of information and guidance, is a $149.95 value. However, we are pleased to make it a featured piece in our Expectations Management Assisted Living Agreement Package!

SPECIAL BONUS: With your order of The Expectations Management Assisted Living Admissions Agreement package, you'll also get the 32 page special report "The Top Ten Reasons Assisted Living Facilities are Sued."  Compiled by veteran healthcare risk management professional Chip Kessler, you'll discover the major causes buildings such as yours continue to be under fire from litigation-hungry trial attorneys.  This exclusive report is the result of Mr. Kessler's interviews with assisted living defense attorneys, executive directors/administrators, and other key personnel, plus his extensive research into the ongoing assisted living litigation scene.  Arm yourself and potentially be able to stop lawsuits dead in their tracks! "The Top Ten Reasons Assisted Living Facilities are Sued" is a $49.95 value and is yours as a bonus when you receive The Expectations Management Assisted Living Admissions Agreement package!

Normally $299.95, however for a very limited time The Expectations Management Assisted Living Admissions Agreement Package is discounted 20% and is yours for the investment of $239.95 plus we'll pay your shipping and handling expenses, a savings of an additional $25.00!



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