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The Crisis Cure DVD Program: "What to Do During and After the Unthinkable Occurs"

The choice is yours: stick your head in the sand, wish and hope that a crisis never strikes your nursing or assisted living facility or be ready beyond a shadow of a doubt to handle whatever comes your and your building’s way.  What option sounds better? Extended Care Products, Inc. is pleased to bring together three of our nation’s leading crisis communications and management experts in this three-part DVD program.

A crisis can strike at anytime and in any part of your facility!  More often than not, a crisis hits without prior warning.  A crisis can happen in any number of ways: a fire or a flood; it can be a hurricane (think Hurricane Harvey or Superstorm Sandy) a tornado or some other weather-related disaster; then there’s the potential for an employee related crisis such as an alleged case of abuse or negligence against a resident which could even lead to the resident’s death.  Can you read this and say for sure you’re ready to act when the inevitable questions (during and after a crisis) come from staff members, families, residents, newspaper/television/radio reporters even local authorities such as police and fire officials, perhaps state officials too.

Failure to have a crisis management and communications program in place can result in any and all of the following: negative publicity and a loss of your and your facility’s good reputation; potential lawsuits; removal of current residents/lack of new residents coming to stay with you thus affecting census; the possibility of losing your license to operate either temporarily or permanently!

When it comes to a crisis, you’re not looking for a preventative measure you’re looking for a cure!  You need "cure" to put you and your facility in the best position possible to act and react.  This is the cornerstone of The Crisis Cure DVD program which offers specific direction, guidance, strategies and recommendations to come out of any crisis in the best position possible for a successful future.  You get the following:

DVD #1: “Earning Your ‘A’ for Action”- Join veteran communication pro Chip Kessler in this step-by-step presentation designed to give you practical guidance and direction in your dealings with families, residents, facility staff, reporters and local authorities.  Speaking with these people isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition.  In this DVD, you’ll discover the correct approach and tone to take with each targeted group.  After watching you’ll learn how to position your nursing or assisted living facility to survive any crisis, and thrive in the future.  Among the presentation’s highlights:

  • Why It’s Vitally Important to Select a Main Spokesperson for Your Building, and Who the Best Candidate is
  • What Every Sound Crisis Management and Communication Plan Must Feature in Order to Achieve Maximum Success
  • The TWO WORDS Which Doom Any Type of Crisis Response, and Why
  • Pinpoint Communications Strategies the will Assure Families, Residents and the General Public that Your Assisted Living or Nursing Facility is in Full Control of The Crisis Situation
  • And Much More

In Fact, Click Below to Watch Some Sample Footage of This Program with Chip Kessler

"Our facility has benefited tremendously from Chip Kessler's knowledge and guidance.  When he writes or speaks about a subject of importance to the caregiving sector, you can make sure I want to know what he has to say."
Linda M. Duvall, Administrator, The Willows at Meadow Branch, Winchester, VA

DVD #2: “Making Sure Your Crisis Response Doesn’t Create Potential Lawsuits”-  The last thing your facility needs or wants is to have your actions or non-actions in a crisis trigger a follow up crisis: namely a lawsuit or potentially several lawsuits.  Laura S. Woods, an assisted living and nursing facility defense attorney who works directly with several healthcare clients, provides insight and how-to tips, techniques and strategies to make sure you and your building aren’t victimized by the crisis the second time around!  We’ve all seen the scenario: a healthcare facility’s spokesperson says the wrong thing or doesn’t say the right words, or something which should’ve been done during or after a crisis (or isn’t done) makes things worse.  Now on top of everything you and your facility has just gone through a lawsuit, (maybe even multiple lawsuits), that is filed.  In Ms. Woods’ DVD presentation, you’ll discover: 

  • Is There Ever a Good Time for a Nursing or Assisted Living Facility to Come Right Out and Admit It is Guilty of Triggering a Crisis, or Admit it Didn’t Handle Things Well
  • What to Say (or Not Say) During or After a Crisis to Families/Residents to Avoid Having Your Words Trigger a Potential Lawsuit
  • The Steps a Facility Needs to Take to Restore Trust and Confidence in You and Your Fellow Staff Members After a Crisis
  • And Much More


Enjoy This Excerpt from Laura Woods DVD Presentation Below

“Our facility has come to trust what Laura Woods advises us to do in all areas regarding our risk management and crisis communications process.  Her wisdom has saved us several potential headaches over the years.”
Martin Yeomans, Administrator, Christian Care Center of Memphis, Memphis, TN

DVD #3: "Managing Your Response to Residents, Families and Your Staff"- Veteran healthcare facility administrator Nyda Bays brings you winning direction and guidance in this most important of presentations.  How well you communicate and deal with the people closest to you at your assisted living or nursing facility serves as the cornerstone of your crisis management process.  Will these folks be by your side and championing your building’s crisis efforts, or will they get the impression that the ship is sinking and what lies ahead are problems and misery!  The difference is your facility making it successfully through the crisis and prospering, or loosing the faith and confidence of those you need the most.  Ms. Bays has lived through a major crisis to her building and personally steered the facility’s path so that no staff resigned or residents were removed.  The building’s reputation remained super strong and census continued to move forward.  Do you think you can learn a thing or two from this remarkable lady?  In this DVD you’ll discover:

  • The Keys to Remaining Cool, Calm and Collected in the Face of a Crisis Firestorm
  • The Best Time to Speak with Staff, Residents and Families After a Crisis Strikes
  • How to Make Sure Staff Remains Strong and Puts Forth an Air of Confidence to the Building’s Residents and Families During and After a Crisis
  • And much more!

You’re Invited to View a Sample of Nyda Bays in Action Below

“When I decided to develop and produce a band new crisis management program to the assisted living community and nursing facility profession, I knew that Nyda Bays had to be a part of it.  This is because I had the opportunity to personally watch her in the middle of one of the worst crisis situations imaginable, and lead her nursing home through some very rough times.  She was magnificent!  If Nyda hadn’t taken charge like she had, I’m not sure her facility would even be in business today, let alone be the overwhelming success it is.  Without a doubt, anyone watching her DVD will emerge a stronger leader and be better equipped to handle whatever comes their way.”
Chip Kessler, Extended Care Products, Inc.

How Much Would You Invest to Keep Your Building’s Good Reputation Intact
(as well as Your Own Personal Reputation)
After a Crisis Strikes Your Nursing or Assisted Living Facility

As the saying goes, “that’s the $64,000.00 question!”  Think about it however.  What is your facility’s positive reputation worth and all that goes with it, including the ability to keep getting a steady stream of new residents to stay with you?  After all, do you think that family members are going to be in favor of letting their loved ones reside in a building that’s just been drug through the mud because you’ve come off looking horribly?  Then there’s your own personal reputation as someone who works in the nursing or assisted living profession.  Will it become tainted because of your association with a poorly managed crisis response?  Could it affect keeping your job, or the opportunity for future employment? 

Indeed The Crisis Cure DVD program isn’t listed at $64,000.00.  However the amount of information, strategies and direction you’ll receive is well worth thousands of dollars because of what the program will do for your facility’s future health and well being not to mention your own!  The Crisis Cure lists for $399.97 though for a limited time we’re taking 40% off your investment and making it available to you for just $239.97.  Consider this fact: if you brought Chip Kessler, Laura Woods and Nyda Bays to your building, the cost of having them speak to you and your fellow staff members would run into five figures.  Plus this would be a one-time event.  Now with The Crisis Cure program, you get these three experts live on DVD for you to watch over and over, and you can pass along the DVDs to any of your fellow staff members to watch as well.

Receive The Crisis Cure DVD Program for a 30 Day Risk-Free Review
Plus Receive Three Free Bonus Gifts in the Process

Request The Crisis Cure DVD program and watch the heck out of it for a full two months from the time you receive it.  At the conclusion of this time, if you feel it’s not what we said it can do for you and your facility in taking your crisis management and communications to a new higher level, then return it, no questions asked, for a cheerful refund. 

Plus with The Crisis Cure DVD program, you get the following three free bonus gifts:

  • Free Bonus Gift #1: we pay your shipping and handling expenses, a $30.00 value.
  • Free Bonus Gift #2: a copy of The Crisis Cure Action Reference Guide.  This guide is chock-full of crisis management strategies, plus contains page after page of media training tips and techniques.  For example, if you’re shy or fearful about talking to reporters, you won’t be after reading what this reference guide has to offer.  It’s a $79.95 value and is yours with our compliments!
  • Free Bonus Gift #3: a certificate with Chip Kessler good for a one-hour crisis management/communications telephone consultation.  Use it in advance to really sharpen your crisis skills or save it until the unthinkable strikes and bring Chip on board to serve as your personal sounding board for valuable advice and recommendations when you need it the most!  Mr. Kessler’s personal consultation services (when even offered on an hourly basis) are at a price tag of $150.00 per hour however you get his services for free as part of this package!

All told, you get $259.95 in free bonus gifts, surpassing your investment in The Crisis Cure DVD program.

The time to act is now not when a crisis hits your nursing or assisted living.   Sadly many otherwise outstanding individuals within the healthcare industry you’re in, don’t want to face reality.  These folks would rather live with their heads in the clouds, and hope and pray that a case of alleged abuse or negligence against a facility, or a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane or some other such incident won’t ever take place.  Then there’s the healthcare professional who believes he or she is ready to spring into action when a crisis strikes, only to tragically discover that they weren’t properly prepared at all and melt like an ice cream cone outside in 90 degree temperatures!  Why run the risk of person humiliation and embarrassment, plus your building’s stellar reputation potentially getting scarred beyond repair!  Let The Crisis Cure DVD Program become your ticket to taking positive action when the unthinkable strikes.

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