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Setting Realistic Expectations For Assisted Living Communities Online Video Viewing Subscription Service

Assisted living facility staffs face their own unique challenges in dealing with residents, families and responsible parties in the specific care and services you offer.
For years, assisted living professionals nationwide have come to depend on the Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities DVD program to help folks better understand about what you do and don’t provide for your residents and most importantly why! Here potential misunderstandings about your care and services, which often turn into anger and can lead to possible lawsuits against your facility are often avoided.

Now Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities is part of the Extended Care Products on-line video viewing subscription service! In the past facilities would show the 16-minute DVD to new admitting families, residents and responsible parties then give them a copy to take outside the building to share with other relatives and keep for future reference. This is because as you well know, quite often it’s the “other relative” who’s first in your face with a complaint and is the one to visit a plaintiff’s attorney to sue you!

With the Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities on-line viewing subscription service, families and responsible parties near and far can watch this important education/risk management message. They can watch from a computer, lap top or wireless device- wherever and whenever they can, and as often as they wish. Now, other relatives interested in the resident’s well-being (but not present during admission) can view the Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities presentation to become better informed and educated about the realities of assisted living care.

No more showing/handing out copies of the DVD presentation, rather each assisted living facility is given its own exclusive, protected on-line password that enables anyone to watch Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities, whether in your admissions office, in the comfort of their own home, or in the case of other family members (not present during admission but still interested in the resident’s well-being) the ability to watch anywhere and at anytime!

Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities was filmed in an actual assisted living facility using real staff and residents. It covers a variety of subjects in a concise and comprehensive manner. Segments include:

  • Understanding The Changes
  • The Assisted Living Difference
  • Resident’s Freedom of Movement
  • The Resident and Physician
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Trustworthiness of People
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Financial Aspects
  • The Truth About Aging
  • And Much More

"I like the fact that the video really reflects what goes on in an assisted living community. Everything is very accurate right down to the people and the building shown. The video will give everyone a much better idea of what to expect. They'll learn the reality of the type of service they're buying and understand what the assisted living community is and isn't capable of delivering."
John Berkley, Associate VP, Lutheran Social Services of the South, Austin, TX

In fact, why not take a few moments and watch some sample footage here of Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities

Your investment for the Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities video viewing subscription service is at $99.95 per month however for a very limited time as part of this special roll-out, you may lock-in your rate at $89.95 per month, a 10% savings for unlimited use of on-line showings of the program.

Please note: if you check our regular pricing one Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities DVD is listed at $89.95 by itself, so this is a tremendous value considering that you can take advantage of your subscription and have new admitting families, responsible parties, other relatives, whomever, watch the presentation as often as they wish!

"The video is really good. Families need to watch it to better understand what type of care we provide. The video tells them things they need to hear, and it does it much more effectively than if we told them these things ourselves. It will really help families to see it!"
Sharon Hall, Executive Director, Cedar Creek Assisted Living, Pikeville, KY

Special Free Bonus Gift: With your enrollment in the Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities on-line video viewing subscription service, you’ll also receive as a free bonus gift a copy of “Great Customer Service for Assisted Living Facility Professionals.” Specifically designed for the challenges faced in the Assisted Living environment, this four-part audio CD series addresses the key elements involved in working with existing families and residents. Great Customer Service for Assisted Living Professionals also gives you the tools necessary to win over any prospective new families and residents visiting your building, thus helping to increase your census. This easy to listen to and easy to follow staff training and development program features four of America’s leading assisted living customer service and family relationship experts. You receive the following programs:

  • CD #1 Chip Kessler: “Your Seven Steps to Superb Customer Service”
  • CD #2 Bill Coons: “How to Work Well With Your Residents and Families”
  • CD #3 Jodi Manfredi; “Character Traits of Great Customer Service”
  • CD #4 Robin Khanal: “Why Poor Customer Service Can Lead to a Lawsuit”

You get four audio CD’s, over 90 minutes of material presented in a relaxed informative manner. Listen in the car, in the office, or while resting at home anywhere you wish. Your host is Chip Kessler, a nationally known author and speaker on customer service issues. Mr. Kessler has personally created over a 20 educational programs in the last 12 years for the assisted living and nursing facility profession. Bill Coons is Loss Control Director for Thomco Insurance Enterprises, one of the nation’s leaders in partnering with assisted living communities to service their insurance needs. Mr. Coons has many years experience indentifying the leading causes of assisted living customer service breakdowns that can lead to family/resident anger and potential lawsuits. Jodi Manfredi is the Founder of Examine Your Practice, Inc., a leading “Mystery Shopping” company specifically designed to focus on healthcare customer service issues with a particular emphasis on assisted living and nursing home customer service performance. Ms. Manfredi has directed a team of nationwide customer service skills evaluation professionals, who specifically focus on the ability of assisted living and/or nursing home staff to meet the needs of new and existing residents and families. Robin Khanal is an assisted living facility defense attorney and partner with the nationally recognized law firm of Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. Mr. Khanal is a recognized expert in the causes of lawsuits against assisted living facilities, and how outstanding customer service can often prevent such litigation. He is a sought after speaker and lecturer at state healthcare association conventions and seminars, and is considered one of this country’s top legal minds in the matter of healthcare related issues.

  • In addition, you also receive a 30-page reference guide that ties in nicely with your CD presentations as it’s full of tips, techniques and strategies to make your assisted living community’s customer service the best it can be! 

“You have another winner with this program! I have no doubt that our assisted living facility today is much better able to provide care to our residents and relate much better to our families, and it’s because of the educational information you’ve been able to provide. Sometimes as caregivers we get so caught up in the day-to-day aspect of things that we don’t always remember what’s really important, namely our residents and our families. Thanks for helping to point us in the right direction.”
Mildred Cummings, Executive Director, White Castle Pines, Arkadelphia, AR

Great Customer Service for Assisted Living Professionals is a $199.95 value and is yours with our compliments as part of your on-line subscription to Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities!

***Please Note: for every six months that you continue your subscription to Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities, you will receive an additional free bonus gift from Extended Care Products, Inc. This gift will be one of our other assisted living educational/training programs covering such important subjects as risk management, marketing/census building, crisis communications, or media training perhaps even a free month’s subscription to your facility’s on-line viewing of Setting Realistic Expectations to Assisted Living Communities!

Please inquire about further pricing discounts for multi-facility use through ownership and management companies, via state health care associations which have endorsed and recommended the use of Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities, plus insurance companies and other entities which have also endorsed the program’s use.

WARNING: Extended Care Products, Inc. reserves the right to pull this special pricing discount without prior notice on Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities coupled with the free bonus gift of Great Customer Service for Assisted Living Professionals (along with your additional free bonus gift every six months). Accordingly, once this is done the price for the monthly video on-line subscription of Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities will revert back to $99.95 with no free bonus gifts provided, so it benefits you to lock-in your monthly rate of $89.95.

Please respond below to order or you may call us toll-free at 1-800-807-4553


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