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"Three Reasons Why Assisted Living Facilities are Sued"

The Secrets of the Inner Sanctum DVD Series: "Inside The Mind of Lawyers Wanting to Sue Your Facility"

Your Problem: Plaintiff lawyers are still looking for any and every means to sue your nursing or assisted living facility. They run advertisements on television, full page color ads on the back cover of the telephone directory, and have those giant billboards on the highway enticing the well meaning family members of your residents to come in "if you have a loved one in a healthcare facility" FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.

Your Solution: Discover the secrets of what makes these lawyers tick and how they are so successful at what they do- find out the strategies and techniques they use to lure families into filing lawsuits for hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars against buildings like yours. With this knowledge you can beat these lawyers at their own game, and stop potential litigation dead in its tracks!
Welcome to "The Secrets of the Inner Sanctum!" ... [more]

The Crisis Cure DVD Program: "What to Do During and After the Unthinkable Occurs"

The Crisis Cure DVD Program: The choice is yours: stick your head in the sand, wish and hope that a crisis never strikes your nursing or assisted living facility or be ready beyond a shadow of a doubt to handle whatever comes your and your building’s way.  What option sounds better?
Extended Care Products, Inc. is pleased to bring together three of our nation’s leading crisis communications and management experts in this three-part DVD program.

A crisis can strike at anytime and in any part of your facility!  More often than not, a crisis hits without prior warning.  A crisis can happen in any number of ways: a fire or a flood; it can be a hurricane (think Hurricane Harvey or Superstorm Sandy) a tornado or some other weather-related disaster; then there’s the potential for an employee related crisis such as an alleged case of abuse or negligence against a resident which could even lead to the resident’s death.  Can you read this and say for sure you’re ready to act when the inevitable questions (during and after a crisis) come from staff members, families, residents, newspaper/television/radio reporters, even local authorities such as police and fire officials, perhaps state officials too.

Failure to have a crisis management and communications program in place can result in any and all of the following: negative publicity and a loss of your and your facility’s good reputation; potential lawsuits; removal of current residents/lack of new residents coming to stay with you thus affecting census; the possibility of losing your license to operate either temporarily or permanently! ... [more]

Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities On-Line Video Viewing Subscription Service

Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities On-Line Video Viewing Subscription 
Service Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities On-Line Video Viewing Subscription 

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About Ordering Copies of This Program on DVD

Assisted living facility staffs face their own unique challenges in dealing with residents, families and responsible parties in the specific care and services you offer.
For years, assisted living professionals nationwide have come to depend on the Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities DVD program to help folks better understand about what you do and don’t provide for your residents and most importantly why! Here potential misunderstandings about your care and services, which often turn into anger and can lead to possible lawsuits against your facility are often avoided.

Now Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities is part of the Extended Care Products on-line video viewing subscription service! In the past facilities would show the 16-minute DVD to new admitting families, residents and responsible parties then give them a copy to take outside the building to share with other relatives and keep for future reference. This is because as you well know, quite often it’s the “other relative” who’s first in your face with a complaint and is the one to visit a plaintiff’s attorney to sue you!

With the Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities on-line viewing subscription service, families and responsible parties near and far can watch this important education/risk management message. They can watch from a computer, lap top or wireless device- wherever and whenever they can, and as often as they wish. Now, other relatives interested in the resident’s well-being (but not present during admission) can view the Setting Realistic Expectations for Assisted Living Communities presentation to become better informed and educated about the realities of assisted living care ... [more]

Marketing Magic ... For Assisted Living Facilities

Marketing Magic ... For Assisted Living Facilities

Your marketing challenge has never been more important, or tougher to do: get more new residents inside your assisted living facility.  The competition is as fierce as ever, what with your fellow assisted living communities, nursing homes, and the ever-growing popularity of home healthcare options all vying for many of the same residents.  It all adds up to being sharper and taking advantage of every opportunity to promote your building's care and services ... [more]

The Expectations Management: Assisted Living Admissions Agreement Package

The Expectations Management: Assisted Living Admissions Agreement Package The Expectations Management: Assisted Living Admissions Agreement Package

Developed exclusively for Extended Care Products' by Assisted Living Defense Attorneys and designed to meet the challenges facilities are facing in this time of increased lawsuits. Written in easy-to-understand language for families, this cutting-edge package offers several outstanding risk management features to help you potentially a void future litigation ... [more]

Great Customer Service for Assisted Living Professionals

The leader in long-term care education and training, Extended Care Products is proud to introduce its newest program Great Customer Service for Assisted Living Professionals.Specifically designed for the challenges faced in the Assisted Living Environment, this four-part audio CD series addresses the key elements involved in working with existing families and residents ... [more]

Setting Realistic Expectations For Assisted Living Communities

Depicts the realities of life in an assisted living community. It is a powerful tool for tenant/resident and family education. This video program enables families to better understand about the assisted living environment. It is an important risk management tool in your effort to prevent overzealous trial attorneys from suing you and earning big trial settlements and judgments at your expense. [more]

Please Ask About Personalizing Your Video Programs At A Very Small Charge!

The Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program

The Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program

Discover the benefits of healthcare mystery shopping to make your assisted living facility's census and customer service better than ever! Enjoy stronger relationships with your residents and families because your staff is more responsive to the needs of those you serve, plus have fewer empty beds because staff is more attentive to the importance of a steady stream of new residents coming through your doors.

You're no doubt familiar with mystery shopping as it relates to restaurants and retail stores in order to determine staffs' level of efficiency and service with the public. Now Extended Care Products, Inc. brings personal one-on-one mystery shoppers, specifically trained in the field of long-term care, to your facility! 

The Extended Care Products Mystery Shopping Program features in-person mystery shopper visits to your assisted living community, plus telephone mystery shops to your healthcare center ... [more]

"Making Them Believe" Chip Kessler's Marketing/Census Building and Customer Service Consultation Program

The Customer Service Survival Kit DVD Program

"Who else wants to get and keep all of their beds filled, and deliver the very best customer service to their residents and families?

The Nation's #1 Assisted Living Customer Service and marketing authority is ready to go to work for your facility! Over the last several years, Chip Kessler has created and developed more successful customer service and census building strategies for assisted living communities than anyone in the nation! His DVD, audio CD, and study guide presentations have been welcome additions in buildings from Maine to Hawaii and Alaska to Florida. Publications such as McKnight's Long-Term Care News and Provider Magazine have sought his expert opinion for feature stories on census building, and resident/family satisfaction; his monthly column in the LTC Professional is must reading; and he's spoken at state healthcare association seminars.

Now, you can bring America's leading census building/marketing & customer service specialist to your assisted living community, and enjoy the benefits only Chip can bring. Open to only to a select few facilities, Extended Care Products, Inc. is proud to announce limited Gold Membership in "The Making Them Believe" Chip Kessler Facility Consultant Program ... [more]

Making Friends With Your Local Media (Media Training)

New for assisted living professionals. Studies show that next to dying, people’s second biggest fear is speaking in public. Now imagine if you’re having to do this with a microphone being shoved in your face, maybe a television camera pointing straight at you, or a reporter looking you in the eye and taking down every word you’re saying in their notebook. Talk about sweaty palms and a lump in your throat! ... [more]

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